Four Secrets To Attracting Men Born Under The Cancer Zodiac Sign

What is the secret to attracting Cancer zodiac men? The truth is, it’s not that difficult to attract these type of men, but there are four things you should do. If you want to know the four secrets to attracting Cancer zodiac men, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. Make The First Move- Cancer zodiac men tend to not make the first move. This means the first thing you need to realize is you have to make the first move because Cancer men are afraid of rejection. You’ll be the one using pick-up lines and making it known you like them. If you’re comfortable making the first move and doing all the legwork, then you’ll have a good chance of attracting Cancer men.

2. Know What To Wear- Attracting Cancer zodiac men requires wearing the clothing in the right color. The best colors to wear are indigo colors and oranges, as Cancer men love those colors. Also, choose perfumes that have an edible smell to them and perfumes that are fresh. As for what to wear, go for conservative clothing and nothing that catches too much attention.

3. Be Touchy- One of the things Cancer men like is to be touched, so when trying to attract men under the Cancer sign, you can do things such as gently touch their shoulder, hand or arm. This will attract them to you and they will warm up to you quickly. It’s important to note that many Cancer men are tactile.

4. Give The Right Gifts- Men under the Cancer sign enjoy receiving gifts that have anything to do with cooking, so give gifts that relate to cooking to the Cancer men you want to attract. Buy some home-baked goods from a bakery or a gift basket with baked goods in it and give it to the man you’re trying to attract. Also, if you’re currently dating a Cancer man, then you can keep them attracted to you by cooking them dinner or you can cook together, because many Cancer men enjoy cooking, especially with their partners.

That is how you attract Cancer zodiac men. If you keep the above in mind and implement those tips, then you’ll be attracting Cancer men in no time. Just remember, some of those techniques and tips may work better than others, so give them all a try and see if you have any success with them.