Simple Guide To Celtic Astrology

Celtic Astrology – The Basics

Most people are familiar with the common form of astrology, the kind that you often see listed in your local paper in the horoscope section. This horoscope uses the 12 signs of the zodiac, each designating a portion of the year. The date of your birth determines your zodiac sign. Each sign has its own unique attributes, often impacting the personality traits found in a person born during that time frame. These attributes can be “read” to figure out what choices are favorable to a particular person during that day, week, or month, depending on the positions of the planets and stars in the sky. For anyone with a passing interest in astrology, this is commonly known information. Celtic astrology works on a similar premise, but with its own unique way of interpreting things. Here you will learn the basics about the Celtic form of astrology, and the ways that this ancient knowledge of the Celts can help you make better decisions in your daily life.

Celtic Astrology – What Is It?

Astrology is the study of how the date and time of your birth can impact your ingrained behavior and personality traits. The ancient Celtic Druids who devised Celtic astrology noticed that people born during similar times of the year or in particular season often had qualities in common. They examined what they deemed the “color” and “shape” that a person’s life took, watching for any type of pattern that corresponded to the lunar (moon) year. The cycle that the moon was in, along with the current season, were contributing factors in what came to be known as Celtic Tree Astrology. Just like each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific constellation in the night sky and determine the path a person’s life will take, in Celtic astrology, the tree plays a vital part in how your life turns out. Druids revere nature, recognizing that people have a strong connection to their environment. This is why they incorporate trees so closely. The ancient Chinese also based their astrology beliefs on nature, and in a similar way, Druids believed that people connected to trees, each of which was believed to be a vessel containing infinite wisdom.

The Signs Of Celtic Astrology

When looking at the common zodiac, you will notice that the sign of your birth is not only related to a specific constellation, but also a particular symbol. The symbols often relate to animals such as lions, a dragon, or fish. Similarly, in Celtic astrology, each person’s birth attributes correspond to a specific type of tree. For example, if you were born between the dates of December 24th and January 20th, your birth would correspond to a birch tree. People born under a birch tree often have a highly driven personality that is very motivated. They are usually natural leaders in their life. Other trees that feature in Celtic astrology include the oak, hawthorn, and ivy. Each has their own distinct set of characteristics that are found in each combination, giving those born under them personality traits that can be identified.

Just as you might see a traditional astrologist for advice before making a big decision in your life, you can also seek the advice of an astrologer who specializes in Celtic astrology lore. In fact, many people seek the advice of both as the combination of advice can give unique insight and a look at the different perspectives or traits of their personality. The ancient Druids did not just believe we were connected to the universe, but to nature itself as well. This way of thinking is what makes this type of astrology so appealing to many people, especially those looking to enhance their connection with Mother Earth.