Advice For Attracting Wealth And Money

Let’s define something at the very beginning: first, you need to be something if you want to attract something. When it comes to attracting money, you must define one more thing- say loud and clear the reason why you want to attract money. If you want to attract it simply because you think that you will be happier after you get it- your reason is not good enough. If you want to attract the money so you could give it to someone, that is a better reason. Do you understand this? The money will always come to you easier if you want to use it for something good- for sharing, for helping, for investment into something that will be helpful for the other people, etc. Then, the money will come to you faster.

You need to behave like you already have that money if you want to attract it into your reality. That is the hardest thing for us. For example, if you have the last 20$ in your wallet, and you see a man on the street with the sign Please give me 1$, you will probably just pass by him without giving him that 1$. But, If you change your habit and give a small part of your current budget for something that good, the Universe will immediately send you the reward and soon enough you would compensate that expense. You can often hear the lottery winners saying that they have spent their last money on that lottery ticket. Pay attention to that, you can learn a lot from that.

Another thing- you don’t want to attract a new car, a pool, a new house. You only want to attract the feeling of having all those things. You think that you will feel good after all those things come to your life. You can use a shortcut here- just feel good now! Do you understand? You can turn around your current situation.

And what is the fastest way to feeling good? It is the visualization. In visualization, you can imagine everything that you want to attract. In visualization you can drive the car you want to drive, you can live in a wonderful house that you want to live in. In visualization, you can get a phone call from somebody telling you that you’ve won the lottery. You can just lie down, close your eyes and imagine that you are calling your parents to tell them the great news about winning the lottery. You can imagine yourself surrounded by the people you love sharing the money with all of them. All of those things will help you to raise your vibration. The Universe doesn’t know the difference. The Universe can’t tell if that your imagination or is it something that you are experiencing in your reality. The Universe just reacts to your emotions and on your vibration. And he always sends you more and more of things that will make you feel the same way.