Average Cost Of A Wedding Planner In San Francisco

San Francisco is a perfect place to get married. In order for you to get the best out of your wedding experience, it is important to consider using services of an experienced wedding planner. A San Francisco wedding planner cost can be determined by a lot of factors. The average cost of hiring a wedding planner in San Francisco ranges from $2.995 to $5.990.

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost.

1. Number of Guests

The number of your invited guests will greatly affect the cost of your wedding planner. Thats because planning an event for many people is much more challenging than when there are just a few guests. In San Francisco, the charges can go up to $5.160 if you have more than 300 invited guests.

2. Venue

Planning and getting everything right in some locations can be very involving and present a big challenge. For example, having a wedding in the SF Bay Area with a floating podium is quite a task to manage than having one totally on a dry land. For your venue to be the best, your wedding planner may have to hire other service providers which can be much more costly.

3. Season

Weddings are generally most expensive during peak seasons. Many people prefer to have their events and weddings during the the same time periods and this makes the wedding industry a very busy and overbooked industry. The cost of hiring a wedding planner during this time will not only result in higher charges but getting hold of a good wedding planner can be challenging too. The trick here is to book early and potentially plan your wedding for an off-season.

4. The theme of your wedding

A wedding in most cases almost always has a theme. It can be a rustic wedding, an English wedding, or any other. San Francisco is known for a lot of things, its wine, coffee, chocolate, the bridge, and many more. Most people will always want to incorporate some element of the SF city at their wedding. The theme you choose will affect the cost of hiring the wedding planner big time. This is due to the fact that some themes are hard to set up and can be very time consuming.

5. Double Check Your Wedding Photographer Background

Even if the wedding planner suggests a specific wedding photographer, always do some research on their portfolio and read their service reviews. They may not actually be the best choice for you, yet hiring a an experienced San Francisco wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the key elements to get the best photos of your once in a lifetime event.

6. Final Suggestions

It is very important to consider hiring a wedding planner in order to reduce the stress of planning your wedding so that you can actually enjoy your big day. Remember, always know exactly what you want before hiring the wedding planner. This will both save you time and money.