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Nostradamus – The Astrologer His Life And Prophecies

He is probably the most famous of all astrologers and those that were able to predict the future. His writings are referred to as quatrains, and depending upon the translations, and the way that they are interpreted, for example many people believe that some of these prophecies have actually come to pass. Let's go over the life of Nostradamus and a few of his more well-recognized prophecies.

Blavasky Was She A Racist?

While there are people like Blavatsky who have this ancient wisdom, the reality is that no one can be mindful of every piece of information that is available out there and when you are teaching esoteric subject that appear contrary to established church teachings you are bound to attract criticism even if what you are sharing is considered ageless wisdom .

How A Vacation Can Become A Spiritual Quest

However, a vacation can also be a lot more than that. For many people, an ordinary vacation has become a spiritual quest. Finding the perfect destination to relax and unwind is good, yet get a location that resonates with what you want and feels real astrology helps with that. Ask an astrologer where your Neptune, Venus or Jupiter lines fall in different locations in order to benefit best from your vacation.