Few Tips To Get Your Women More Possessive On Single:

If you are black single and you are in a situation that makes you feel like your date would cheat on you. Here is a tip to make hold of your date. Dont plead them for their relation but instead make them feel that you a precious gift in their life.

You can try a double dating with another women whom you can find in online datings. Just have a talk with them in such a way you get into the eyes of your partner, but dont get into any serious relationship with them. Maintain your morality.

Helps Create Jealousy  
Lets dilute the Idea a little bit. When the phrase “double dating” is mentioned, people think of it as eating from two plates at the same time which of course is morally wrong but if there is any iota of benefit in doing that, then it is worth trying out. Maybe you can actually eat from one plate while longing for the other…giving out the impression that that you can also taste another plate if the present one stops tasting good. Now, that is how to Get girls jealous.

Jealousy serves as a vital tool in the course of building up a relationship, In this fast world we live in that is even becoming faster by the day people are being presented with more option on daily bases so if you want to be able to get women and keep them you need to get on top of the game. Here is more on creating jealousy.

Freedom Comes With Choices

let’s lay this out straight – freedom is when you have the right to choose what you want, not when you are stuck with one option. when you have only one girlfriend…God help you she is the nice kind, but if she is the wonder girl type, you will complain and grill when she plays her games then you will cry and shut down when she leaves you.

I haven’t clearly written off the “one boy one girl” thing but that is when you are dealing with a nice girl and it is obvious that nice girls are damn scarce. You want to check it out yourself? Get a new girl and start playing “nice” let’s see how long she would stick with you. You know those nice attitudes -call her like ten times a day, tell her how much you love her, always give compliments and let’s see how long you stay together.

But start running away from her and watch her chase you…and this is where the game begins… this is when you double your dating.

Lastly there are good reasons to double date, It gives you the option to choose from many, double dating spurs jealousy in women… dating two women at the same time laterally looks indecent, but it is from a heated system that the finest gold is made – yes, let’s look at that. When you are stirring one kind, you really don’t know “what it would have been” until there is something to compare it to.

I want to conclude this page by stating the obvious…it is morally wrong to cheat on your wife or try double dating in a relationship of many years, double dating is necessary at the initial stage…when you are yet doing the picking, it helps in fastening their hearts to you, once that is achieved, it is paramount you stick to the “one boy one girl” thing I like guys who can kick it and yet stand.

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