Nostradamus – The Astrologer His Life And Prophecies

There was a man by the name of Nostradamus that lived in the 1500s that was a reputed seer, astrologer and visionary. He is most well-known for prophecies that he wrote down, a collection of writings that he published, prophecies that have, in part, come true. He is probably the most famous of all astrologers and those that were able to predict the future. His writings are referred to as quatrains, and depending upon the translations, and the way that they are interpreted, for example many people believe that some of these prophecies have actually come to pass. Let’s go over the life of Nostradamus and a few of his more well-recognized prophecies.

Who was Nostradamus?

Nostradamus was a man that was born in France. He attended a university early in his life, and later opened up an apothecary. He later married a woman whose name is not known and had two children. His wife and children died during the great plague, and it is thought that this trauma actually caused him to significantly change his attitude and mentality. He later married a rich widow, had six more children, and began to write what would later become the quatrains of Nostradamus.

What Did These Prophecies Say?

Although there were several prophecies that have theoretically come true, derived from the over 1000 quatrains that he wrote and published in what are called The Prophecies, they would not become well-known until after his death so as to avoid persecution by the Inquisition for committing heresy. Some believe that he had actually predicted the appearance of Napoleon, the Great Fire of London, the September 11 attacks, and also Adolf Hitler. Most recently, it is thought that he has predict the election Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States, and there are many others.

Whether or not any of these prophecies were actual visions of what would occur years or centuries later is open to interpretation. There were no definitive names that were identical in spelling, or in regard to exact incidents, that were depicted. In fact, many of them gave specific dates, and events that were to occur, only to have them pass by without coming true. However, many of the prophecies have come very close prompting many to believe that he was indeed a profit. At the very least, Nostradamus has provided us with insight into what the future may hold for people around the world.