The Different Types Of Education For Kids According To Learning Style

One of the most common issues that most parents and teachers have is being able to educate children. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all and different children learn differently, which can be quite a challenge in the classroom. Thankfully, one possible way to educate children is to understand their particular learning style. Once you know this, you will be able to cater your teaching materials to suit these various groups of children so that they can be given the gift of a good education.

With that said, we will now look at the most common learning styles. There are seven main learning styles which include social, logical, visual, aural, physical, verbal and solitary. Children you learn mainly through the aural style depend on auditory signals which includes music and various sounds. You can help these type of children by including audio notes, music, songs etc in your learning material. A visual learner on the other hand depends on seeing and would therefore learn better through drawings, images and pictures. It is possible to help these type of learners by making sure there are lots of pictures, charts and visuals.

A social learner tends to learn better while within a social group or setting. As a result, they benefit the most when they are in a group or team of people. Verbal or lingual learners are more comfortable with words and written instructions or information. Physical learners are more suited to learning through touch and you can use your hands and body throughout the class for them to follow along. However, solitary learners prefer to be by themselves and study on their own. Lastly, logical learners have more mathematical minds and they typically understand through logic and reasoning.

The great thing with most kids is that they typically have more than one learning style. So, it is possible for a kid to be a logical learner while also being a visual learner and even a solitary learner. However, most teachers only impart education based on the type of learning style/styles that they have. As a result, many kids don’t get a good education because they don’t learn in those ways. So, it is important for a good teacher to find out the learning styles of all his or her students and adapt their teaching to suit. Parents also need to do this, especially if they intend on home schooling.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at the different type of learning styles that you need to know if you’re in the business of educating kids. This will help both you and the kids to make much greater progress in the classroom and at home.