How Angels Can Be Spiritual Guides

There is often confusion surrounding angels and spirit guides. Many people assume that angels are different beings than spirit guides are. The general thought is that spirit guides have actually lived human lives on this planet before transitioning to the other planes of existence whereas angels have never incarnated. This is true but that does not mean that angels cannot act as spiritual guides offering wisdom and guidance.

Angels are unable to do much to help us unless we ask. Of course, if there is a life and death emergency and a persons time has not yet come they may intervene to save that individual without being asked to do so. Most of the time they want very much to help humans but cannot act unless they are asked because they cannot violate a humans free will.

However, while angels have not been incarnated on the planet as spirit guides have been, it does not mean that they cannot be consulted in prayers or meditations. If a person just wants their guardian angel to listen to them they are happy to oblige.

Spirit guides have one thing in common with guardian angels and that is that they have been with an individual since that persons birth. Guardian angels have a higher vibration and can be harder for some people to sense which may make them more inclined to talk various matters of concern over with their spirit guides. Spirit guides can communicate with people via automatic handwriting and journaling.

Angels also tend to give off signs that they are present. They will show up and feathers will fall from the sky where no bird is in sight or they may announce their presence with music. They may show up and a beautiful fragrance follows. Spirit guides may not make obvious signs when they are near but that can be due to how much ability they have gained as they have developed on the other side.

Angels do differ from spirit guides by their very nature. However, that does not mean that they cannot be called upon for help at any time and for any reason great or small. They can often work wonders whereas spirit guides might be a little less lofty having only been humans in previous incarnations. Still, angels can provide humans with helpful guidance and as they continue on their spiritual pursuits in life.