How Failed Relationships Can Stimulate Personal Growth

Not every relationship can last. Sometimes, it is a set of personal differences that break a couple or a friendship apart. Sometimes, it is just a matter of moving in two different directions physically. Whatever the cause of a relationship failure might be, the end result can usually be turned into a positive thing. Astrology can be used as a tool for personal growth and to predict when relationships will have difficult times.

This is because so-called failed relationships can build some of the best foundations of our personal lives. They can allow for more growth than relationships that last. Although, any relationship will impact a persons growth to some degree no matter how long it lasts. A professional astrologer can give you clues to why certain relationship patterns happen.

Asking the Right Questions

The trick is being able to understand where lessons have been learned in relationships that have ended. These might be the ones most people will refer to as failures. From these situations, it is possible to do a good deal of learning by asking the right questions. In astrology world values and the values that are in your chart are many times different. Knowing clearly what you value will help you see why certain relationships were not meant to be as many times there is a conflict of values.

What were the weaknesses? What lack of communication might have contributed to the breakup? What habits might have contributed to attracting the person in the first place? What worked in the relationship? If your astrology world chart indicates trouble with the planet Venus or Moon then relationships may be a point for the most personal growth.

For many people, the answers to these questions will shed a lot of insight. They will learn what to avoid in the future. They will learn more about what to say in certain situations or what not to say.

Remaining Confident

No relationship is really a failure because there is always some degree of personal growth to be had when it is over. This is true whether it was a positive relationship or a rather negative one. After reflecting on it, it is important to remain confident.

By remaining confident, self-esteem will remain intact and perhaps become stronger than ever. This will be evident not just in personal matters, but also in professional matters, as well.

Many people will agree that they have plenty of relationships at work or on the job. These are like personal relationships so much so that many people leave their jobs because of a difficult person or troubling relationship with a manager.

When personal growth occurs, it often happens from painful or difficult situations. This is because humans are most attentive to pain and will do whatever possible to avoid it. The most important thing to do following a “failed” relationship is to reflect. Find the lessons that were learned and take them into the next phase of life both in personal and professional situations. There are many books, seminars and ideas to help you understand your relationship issues; an astrology reading is one of several methods.