Legal Services: The 7 Different Types

Some people imagine the law to be all about crime and other mystery cases that call for a sophisticated investigation process that lead to nerve-wracking court proceedings. But you know it is more than just that. It encapsulates many other aspects – aspects that may involve the everyday citizen like you. Acquaint yourself with the different types of mandurah legal services. You might find the need for them someday.

1. Driving Offense. This would be one of the most familiar cases involving legal services. It is oftentimes related to the drunk and drive or the driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol scenario. The person will need to settle this in court and this type of legal advice will help you prepare and defend yourself. Lawyers will look for loopholes that will be of advantage to you. They know the certain procedures and policies for this certain situation.

2. Corporate and business services. Those who own businesses will be in need of this service. There are guidelines and regulations that need to be considered by companies and corporations and this is the field of expertise of corporate lawyers. Their job is to assist you in protecting your business interests when it comes to the legal aspects. When you are starting your business, renewing your contracts or eyeing a merger or acquisition, you will need a corporate lawyer.

3. Immigration regulations. To protect the rights of immigrants, lawyers are needed. The people who are commonly in need of their services are foreign students and professionals, asylees, refugees, workers from abroad and those who wish to migrate to other countries.

4. Family law. This involves a multitude of legal issues that range from birth to death – marriage, adoption, divorce, legal separation, pre-nuptial agreement, child custody and support, spousal support – anything that involves the individual’s legal rights in the context of family.

5. Trusts and properties. Sometimes, this overlaps with the former item since this is also an issue of inheritance for members of the family. Usually, this is an issue of the distribution of the assets of the deceased family member to his or her legal heirs. If you want to plan on how your possessions should be handled by your loved ones, you will be in need of this service.

6. Civil litigation. Sometimes, it is more efficient to settle things outside of the courts of law. You will need this service if you want advice on whether, in the eyes of the law, certain things are wrong or right. With the legal advice, you will know your options.

7. Criminal defence. It is not something you will want to get acquainted with in the future. This service is needed when a person’s freedom is at stake. Some people opt to defend themselves, since this is allowed. But it is advised that the mandurah legal services of an expert from a good law firm are taken on. The lawyer will make sure that the individual’s case is defended for any criminal charges against him or her.